Dr. Rational

In this week’s blog I will be discussing how rational functions play a role in medicine. In the Desmos activity it guided me on how I would proceed to administer the right amount of a drug and determine how long it would take affect. I have a patient and going to administer the drug to soon. First I’m required to reduce this drug’s concentration about 0.4 milligrams/liter. This will determine how long I would need to wait before the drug can take affect. I have six functions that outputs different wait times. I have chosen three most optimal times that I believe is a sufficient wait time (although I’m not an actual doctor).

k(x) = 10x / x^2 + 3       p(x) = 4x^2 / x^2 + 1      q(x) =  5x + 1 /x^2 + 3

k(0.4) = 4 / 0.16 + 3        p(0.4) = 0.64 / 0.16 + 1   q(0.4) = 5(0.4) + 1 / 0.16 + 3

k(0.4) = 1.26                    p(0.4) = 0.55                    q(0.4) = 0.94

Time: 1:26 min              Time: 0.55 sec               Time: 1:34 min


In the functions above after the specified concentration is reduced there are variations how long you need to wait. I do not think there is nothing wrong answer with functions, it depends on how fast or long do you want to wait.  There are functions that can take a longer time but as I said earlier I selected the most optimal ones.


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