Fancy Factoring

As most of you may know factoring is when there you find a set of numbers that can equate to specific value. With polynomial’s factoring is used to find the value of x and y. Then you will later put it on a graph and discover points it plots out. Here’s an example:

x^2 + 13x + 30

In the example above you have to find two number that is multiple of 30 and add to aa value of 13. Here is every multiple of 30

10 and 3

5 and 6

30 and 1

15 and 2

The answer will be 10 and 3 since it is a multiple of 30 and adds up to the value of 13. Then you will take the x^2 and do this.

x^2 + 13x +30


There you have it factoring. Now go factor with some elegance.


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  1. I like your explanation of factoring, but how about factoring by grouping? What do you when the leading coefficient A is not 1? For example, how would you factor 2x^2 + 7x + 6?


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