Function Machines

In a theoretical sense functions are machines just not in a physical form that we would generally perceive. The reason it can be considered a machine is because of the things it does. Take an art piece for example it used an array of colors and technique used to create it. Now today there is software art programs that can make pieces in several minutes or hours while a physical piece would take about a day more to create. Another example of a function that can be used is measuring distance and planning the route by inputting location data the function can create an optimal route to find an efficient path while also coming up with other routes to take while finding a primary route.


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  1. I like your observation that the function “machines” are not physical machines that we would actually perceive in the world. What would be an example of a function machine though? What can you tell us about the inputs and outputs? Were you able to get all of the machines in the app to have the same output?


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