You’ve Got the Power

Power functions are methods/ formulas that are used to plot points on a graph. The standard formula for power functions is f (x) =KxP, K is variable that is non-zero, x is your standard input variable and P is the (constant) exponent. When it comes time to plot points on the graph using a power function it tends to vary due to the different versions that will occur. Power function can develop graphs can have parabolas if it has an even power or, a chair shaped if done with odd powers. Power functions can also appear with shapes that a line that runs parallel from the X/Y axis or by just having a curve within one of the four quadrants. Be warned there are a few functions that will appear to be ones that you cannot understand. There were ones I still don’t understand like ones that involve fractions. I remember doing this at one point but I forgot the methodology I used to help me understand so it’s going to be difficult until I find a simple solution toward this.


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  1. I really liked your explanation about power functions and different shape of the graph that can have, the chair, curve shape because that refresh my mind from what I learned in my college algebra class. But when I was reading your post I get confused when I was reading the formula for power functions f (x) =KxP, because for a second I though x is multiply sign. For next time maybe you can use ^ when you want to write an exponent formula. f(x)= kx^p.


  2. I agree, power functions that involve fractions are confusing!

    However, you were supposed to provide your own classification of power functions. We talked in class about how some of them have a U-shape and others a chair-shape. What other types of shapes can they have? Could you include some pictures to demonstrate these shapes?


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