Math Autobiography

I believe that it is a safe bet when most people from a young age starts to dislike from the first time they start doing Algebra. It makes no sense why letters and numbers come to together, not to mention the other high level concepts/techniques that comes with territory. I personally fall into that category but yet my entire life has been filled with math. I have been taught in both school and out of school, no matter how hard I tried to stay away from it just catches me in its well placed  traps of equations and problems and makes me make numerous attempts for me to free myself of it while it just throw another. It sounds like I seriously despise math but I won’t say that… how should I put this it’s more of a love/hate relationship.

I appreciate it because realize the great thing that math does for me and the world without really realizing it but the only frustrations with it is how overly complicated it is either done or explained. I personally do not like when the concepts are frustrating because the individual instructing me is just giving me a complicated approach because when I eventually figure it out I realize it can be done in a more simple straight forward approach. Instead of struggling for the next hour on a formula, I could of solved the thing in a simpler manner.

When I look back ,the only time where I can say my understanding of math has gotten better is when I took remedial math in a summer program there I was constantly challenged and it forced me to explore new ideas of solving problems. Thinking back to it I remember there was some French kid I met on the train one time when I was doing my homework and helped me then later explained where I was going wrong. Felt a bit embarrassed because I believed that I just left myself down because here I was struggling and some random stranger had to help me but, it is because of that moment that made me realize it makes me human because when your wrong there will be someone there to help you along the way to make sure you do well.


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  1. I like the title “Complexity is Overrated.” I agree.

    I wonder why so many people hate algebra. I think you’re right. A lot of people really love math up until that point, but then something just changes.

    A lot of times in math, there are multiple ways you can solve a problem. There’s actually a movement now to teach people to discover their own ways of solving problems and then let them choose the strategy that works best for them. That ways, you can choose the solution that seems the least complex.


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