Halfway Around A Circle

Let's talk about circles for a moment. We all know what it looks like we see them everyday on cars, pictures, etc. I believe most of you are familiar with the math term pi, π=3.14. Now let me ask how many of you ever heard of a term called arc length. Arc length  is  the... Continue Reading →


Feel the Earth Shake

Logarithms is the inverse operation to exponents. This means the logarithm of a number is the exponent of a fixed value, the base number must be raised to produce the desired output. In laymen's terms the logarithm does repeated multiplication. For example, the logarithm of 100 = 2, like 10^2 = 100; the multiplication is repeated three times. We use logarithms to calculate... Continue Reading →

Exponential Skyscrapers

If you happen to live near any big urban metropolitan city there is a high chance you seen a skyscraper. You know this big towering buildings that look that can pierce the clouds.  Now what if I told you there is a way to knock one down with a simple domino. Your probably wondering what kind... Continue Reading →

Dr. Rational

In this week's blog I will be discussing how rational functions play a role in medicine. In the Desmos activity it guided me on how I would proceed to administer the right amount of a drug and determine how long it would take affect. I have a patient and going to administer the drug to... Continue Reading →

Imaginary Numbers?

As if math wasn't hard enough to understand but yet there are numbers that exist and don't exist. What type of contradictory nonsense is this I say but, its time to figure out why this kind of anomaly can exist. To begin lets talk about how " i " imangianry numbers came to be. For the longest... Continue Reading →

Fancy Factoring

As most of you may know factoring is when there you find a set of numbers that can equate to specific value. With polynomial's factoring is used to find the value of x and y. Then you will later put it on a graph and discover points it plots out. Here's an example: x^2 +... Continue Reading →

Quadratics and Basketball

One of the most common played sports in the U.S is basketball and majority of people has played the game. There are those just so good that they can shoot the ball in the air and it goes in no matter. Take fictional character Shintaro Midorima from Kuroko no Basket for example. There are a... Continue Reading →

Behind The Curtain

In precalculus there are many functions that are used to graph. Functions utilize different parts of a domain like a piecewise function. A piece-wise function has multiple arrays of function but also different sub-domains. In Desmos activity I  seen the different sub-domains that occurred where the first line I saw was a parabola but when I used... Continue Reading →

Function Machines

In a theoretical sense functions are machines just not in a physical form that we would generally perceive. The reason it can be considered a machine is because of the things it does. Take an art piece for example it used an array of colors and technique used to create it. Now today there is software... Continue Reading →

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